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Feedbackblog.com is the world’s first feedback and review site allowing
anybody to let their voices be audibly heard simply and easily by calling the phone number 1-800-Feedback (800-333-3222).
Feedback can be left for anything, or anyone, at any time. You can finally speak your mind and you don’t even need to be in front of the computer.
Once left, your feedback will be automatically transcribed, posted online and when possible, delivered to the other party.

It’s that simple! Feedback can be complements to comments, kudos to gripes. If you want to review a company or just give your opinion to a politician, it is now just an easy and FREE call away.

Give it a try now! Call 1-800-Feedback (800-333-3222).

Word of Mouth marketing for the business

In the past word of mouth marketing was not something you could control. It represented your reputation that spread organically through an offline community and was the indicator of your business’s reputation within that community.

Now that people are connected through online communities, your marketing strategy must include a word of mouth marketing system. FeedbackBlog.com provides just that system.

Unlike typical advertising campaigns, where the business brags about themselves, our feedback system relies the quality of products or service that you provide and gives your client an easy way to brag for you and give you great reviews. And as we have seen, as long as they are real (and not faked) third party reviews are always trusted more than the business talking about themselves.

If your business needs more reviews and a word of mouth marketing system, all you have to do is tell your clients to call and leave you feedback. It will be posted automatically!

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