FeedbackBlog.com is the world’s first structured, word-of-mouth marketing feedback system that makes it easy for consumer and the public to be heard and for businesses to harness online audio feedback from their customers and buyers and use it to close more sales. By using this service, business owners and individuals who provide exceptional products and service can separate themselves from the rest of the pack by showcasing their outstanding user feedback.

This unique feedback method was created by Mark Russell, a self-described “feedback fanatic.” An ISA certified arborist, Mark started a tree service business in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006, primarily using word-of-mouth marketing services to generate leads and attract new customers. Within three years, he had earned more than 220 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

However, Mark was unsatisfied with the online feedback and review systems that he saw, believing that they were inherently flawed. For one thing, they allowed competitors and ex-employees to post negative ratings for businesses, and they also allowed businesses to post positive ratings for themselves. So he set out to create a new kind of feedback system that would fix these problems and help promote honesty and integrity in the marketplace.

Mark Says

According to Mark, “Honest businesses have nothing to hide. Companies that take care of their customers and buyers don’t run from accountability—instead, they embrace it. They really want their customers to brag on them and tell the world about how they took good care of them. We designed FeedbackBlog.com to highlight and showcase companies that welcome accountability.”

People want to work with companies that are honest and will do a good job for them, but they don’t always know where to find them. With paid advertising, businesses are talking about themselves, so most customers view this with a wary eye. With FeedbackBlog.com, however, your customers will talk about your business, using their real voice. That’s right—FeedbackBlog.com goes way beyond written online reviews by allowing customers to record audio feedback in their real voice.
Inherently, most people trust what their friends and neighbors have to say about a business more than they trust what a business says about itself. We’ve designed FeedbackBlog.com to be a feedback repository that allows friends and neighbors to share feedback with each other in their real voices about positive experiences they’ve had with great businesses.
In the future, business owners may pay a monthly fee to use FeedbackBlog.com. But if we can automate the process,  we hope to keep it free forever..

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