BP Oil Spill

If you are upset about the oil spill, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

wildlife affected by the bp oil spillBy calling and letting your voice be heard,  you are doing your part to let the head honchos at BP how you feel about this huge mess that they have created!

BP has wronged us all.  They have harmed the planet and wrecked mother nature in likely a irreplaceable way.  That makes me very sad.

It is simple,  just call 1-800-Feedback (800-333-3222).

We are building a special page to send to Tony Hayward BP’s CEO, and Steve Westwell  BP’s EVP as so that they can hear exactly how we feel about their mistake and how it is affecting our lives.

Remember, it is free of charge to leave your feedback and have your voice be heard simply call the number 800-333-3222.

Call now, tell them what you think, and get your friends to call as well!

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jenny July 1, 2010 at 2:04 pm

This is a SHAME!! and It should have not happened! This is what MONEY is ALL about!!?? WHAT a SHAME!!! SHAME ON YOU !!BP!!! CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget about the COST…IT’s TOO LATE FOR THAT!!! JUST CLEAN UP THE MESS YOU MADE IN OUR GULF!!!!!!!
There is NO REASONING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE!!!!!!!
Jenny Dupuis
Gulf Coast Resident!!!

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