BP Slaps Joe The Fisherman In The Face

in BP Oil

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Hi my name is Joe,
I am a charter fishermen and a commercial fisherman for 33 years.  The BP oil spill has affected my life because I’m not able to make a living.  We tried to go to work for BP, we filled out all the proper documents and they told me that I didn’t go by protocol.  So we took it on ourselves to also go to classes they asked for, for HAZMAT and HAZWHOPER and got certified at our expense.
And in still BP has continued to play games with me and lose my application.  I’ve called them, I don’t know how many times.  I’m going to BP office in the morning to see why they lost my application.  They’ve lost a lot of people’s applications who make a living from the water.
So anyway, that’s my story.  I’m very disappointed.
Our local news station says, get on with your life.  Well, we’re trying to get on with our life, but we can’t.  Molly barrels from Pensacola made that statement today on TV.
We can’t get on with our lives because of the oil spill.  You know, she said “we’ve heard enough about the oil spill”.
Well, we haven’t because we can’t get on with our lives until it’s cleaned up and everything is done.
We want to work, we don’t want a handout.  We don’t want someone to be as free, we want to get out of work for it. But they still don’t see fit to hire us.  Even though I have all the proper documents. My son works with me.  He has all the proper documents also.  He has taken it on his own to go to classes and costing him $300, where they give it to every body else for free.
And they still say we didn’t meet protocol, we didn’t do what we needed to do.  And they have people who are not commercial, just playing recreational fishermen, and run around in 12 foot John boats taking money out of our hands, and food out of our mouths.
And we have served our time on the water.  People who have businesses, qwit their businesses.  They shut the doors because they wanted to make more money doing this, then they would make running their own business, when they had a successful business.
I’m just angry, upset, and madd with all of that because I feel like we are like a stepchild.  We get slapped in the face, and (they) don’t thank you, and say “what can we do to help you”.
They haven’t helped me.  I guarantee you they haven’t helped me in my life.  They’ve heard me and my life.
Thank you very much.

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