Captain of Charter Boat Speaks Out

in BP Oil

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I’m the captain of commercial charter boat captain. I live in Sarasota Florida. I had a charter boat business for over 10 years. I’m 52 years old now. I had planned on working in this business for another 10 years and then retiring to Spain. The oil here it’s ruining my business, because who can I sell this business to when I retire? I’ve invested so much money into creating something that is larger than just me or my boat. And you know, I’m worried that if the oil comes here then my business will only be worth about as much as the phone I’m using to and talk to you on right now. That’s the truth of it. You know 100% destroyed. That’s how it’s gonna be. And BP, it’s a shame and you know it. And you’re not doing enough. Neither is the federal government they are not doing enough. And our county commissioners here in Sarasota, they are too scared to do anything but sit there and watch it happen to them. And well, you know, that’s how I feel I’d like to have positive better news but I’m not seeing it. I think we’re doomed. So that’s my feedback. Captain Wayne Genthner, name of the business as Wolfmath charters. Doomed because of BP because of greed, because of arrogance. Because this is gonna happen sooner or later to somebody else. After this is done here, the oil industry will screw up again somewhere else. That’s their history. Yeah, we don’t wanna damn thing from it. Thanks anyway.

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