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Hey guys, this is Mark. I just want to leave feedback For Tim Douglass Douglass Chiropractic in Destin, Florida, Mon, April 26th. I slept on a bed which was really hurting my neck and I woke up and was totally out of adjustment. I was super thankful because I went to Tim. He took some time and set my atlas and I was just like I don’t even, it was just great because when I was driving down Highway 98. I just felt free, I could move turn both ways. I felt like I can’t breathe easier because I just went in and I was just totally in a ton of pain so. Thank you Tim. I really appreciate the the adjustments. It just was really awesome. I recommend anybody in Destin, Florida, this is the Douglas Chiropractic off of Highway 98. He does an awesome job. Thanks, Tim.

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