five fingers lodge they are not what they show in the ad!

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feedback for five fingers lodge

Hi, I am calling to get feedback on the Finger Lakes lodge it is day motel. Basically, and from the scanning out a lease New York scanning out a list. I’m sorry I pronounce that long. They advertise their lodge we were going on the trip and they advertiser Lodge as a new list a mess unique lodging facility in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Central New York wonderful example of Adirondack great camp style Finger Lakes lodging his, located in charming scandal Analyst situated on the most beautiful and scenic of this. Finger Lakes. If it’s located within a short drive of many of the Finger Lakes wineries, et cetera, it’s specifically designed furnishings, private bathroom, et cetera they charge. I think the $115 a night and their address is their address is it. I’m getting back to that one out. Hi, I’m great for that. I just want to let you know that the Finger Lakes lodge is basically a Motel on the main drive next to a used car lot, and I think that they were really mislead people into thanking that they’re going to be staying in a rustic lodge type environment and that this is going to be like a country setting and it was actually right on the main drag, and if you go to their website. It’s a big you’ll see the Adirondacks Terrace out for a that it looks like it’s just so lovely little puzzled environment. Meanwhile, if you’re sitting in the authorized X to hear your about 10 feet away from the highway and traffic going bye and as I said it situated in the middle of a business trip this direct where it’s far from the country setting. So we were not happy with the way they had presented themselves, we felt we had been miss lead and we felt that the rate they charge for it and motel with us too expensive, even though it was very charming Lee decorated inside. You didn’t even have a coffee maker in your room or anything like that. Their address is, 834 West Genesee Street. Since Kenny at a live New York and that’s S K an A and E A T E out eat at an Indian named, and it’s 13152 and again. All I have to say is travelers Compuware to dude.

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