How It Works

What is is a revolutionary new way for consumers, who call 1-800-Feedback, to let their voice be heard and businesses to harness online feedback from their customers.

For Consumers
Have you ever felt unheard?  Maybe you didn’t want to put the effort in finding the right person in thecompany who can make a difference and make the situation right?

Text-based sites review sites work “ok” if you have the time to sit down and type in the whole story,  but sometimes that is just to much of a pain.
Now by simply calling 1-800-Feedback from any phone anywhere you can leave feedback for any and every business anytime and let your voice be heard!
When you call your feedback will be automatically transcribed to text and automatically posted along with your real voice for the world to hear and the business will be notified that they have new feedback!
So go ahead, give it a try!  There is no sign up and it is free!  Call 1-800-Feedback now!

For Businesses
Research indicates that referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are the most effective and cost-efficientmarketing tools that businesses can use. However, few business owners and entrepreneurs have a structured plan in place for capturing referrals and customer feedback and using it in a structured, systematic way to generate more business.

That’s where comes in. With our feedback site, businesses create their own online database of audio referrals and customer feedback, recorded live their own customers and buyers. It’s the next best thing to having a satisfied customer or buyer actually sit down and have a face-to-face conversation with your prospects.

What happens if the business gets negative feedback?

First off,  Go Make Then Happy!   If any client is so angry at you that they are willing to put their REAL voice out for the whole world to hear,  you probably need to look and see whre you may have messed up.  Afterwards,  let us know.   We will be happy to allow your customer to amend their feedback to show how you honor your word,  even if you messed up.  Now of course you are thinking “what about the person who just cant be pleased?”.   We have found that in reality, this type of person is VERY VERY few and far between.  In reality,  it is typically a company that has made a promise that they are not willing to live up to and the customer just feels cheated.
Does this type of accountability scare you?   If it does,  you should re-look at just how important money is to you and your company.   Making money is not the end-all-be-all of everything.   Look at us for example…  We are running this site 100% FREE just to encourage honesty.  So if accountability scares you,  you may want to look in the mirror.
This allows the business turn negatives into positives, and also prevents one isolated incident from misrepresenting exactly how the business takes care of it customers.

Why not give it a try?  It’s free of charge and you can start collecting and displaying the real voice of your customers!  Just click the join page above to find out how get started!

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