What does 180 MILLION gallons of oil look like? Newly released video answers that question.

New video animation released by depicts cubic volume of oil spilled into the Gulf by bp’s Deep Water Horizon.
July 22, 2010- for immediate release: A new video released today by depicts cubic volume of oil spill according to bp’s “worst case scenerio”  of 60,000 barrells a day released into the Gulf of Mexico since he April 20 disaster of the Deep Water Horizon.
Based off bp’s “worst case scenerio” estimates, this video animation accurately depicts the cubic volume estimated to have leaked into the gulf.
It is against federal law for anyone to dispose of even one quart of oil into the gulf.
Since April 20th,  bp’s “worst case scenerio” calculates to over 720,000,000 quarts (180 million gallons) that have been leaked from the the damaged oil well.’s CEO Mark Russell is quoted saying “If anyone would like their voice heard, we have set up the toll free number 1-800-Feedback (1-800-333-3222) for anyone to call, free of charge, and share their feedback which we will forward to bp.  Companies need to be held accountable for their actions.  We built to highlight companies that do a great job, honor thier word and take care of people.  But we also built it to give voice to the public when companies mess up.”
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________________________________________________________________________________________ rolls out 1-800-Feedback allowing consumers to have their voice heard with a simple phone call. rolls out 1-800-Feedback which allows consumers to call and give feedback to any business, anywhere in the country, at any time, free of charge, to have their voice heard audibly and allows businesses to sign up for structured word of mouth marketing profiles to show off their clients.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 2, 2010 — Roswell Georgia – (, a word-of-mouth marketing and consumer advocate company, announces today its rollout its consumer action Hotline 1-800-Feedback. (800-333-3222) for customer reviews and feedback.

Consumers interact with businesses continually millions if not billions of times per day.  Most of these interactions go well but some of them do not. Typical consumer reviews and feedback websites have been text-based.  Not being able to hear the reviewer leaves a lot of room for skepticism for the reader of the review.  Too many times the reader doubts the authenticity of the review questioning if the business wrote it themselves, or if it was a negative review written by a competitor. brings authenticity to reviews by rolling out 1-800-Feedback.  With one simple phone call consumers can let their voice be heard and give feedback and reviews to any business anywhere in the country at anytime.  Once they call the phone number they are prompted to leave the review for the business which is then transcribed to text and posted on  Also, the audio file of their real voice is posted online as well so that future viewers will be able to verify the authenticity of the review.

There is no need to be in front of the computer or to sign in.  Simply access to a telephone which can dial a toll-free phone number is all that it takes.  It is free of charge and is typically done in less than two minutes.

CEO Mark Russell is quoted saying” It’s a great day for consumers everywhere around the country.  Having their voice heard just got a lot easier.  Businesses should be excited as well because they are now able to show off the real voice of their past customers.  Text-based review sites of the past just left to many questions regarding the authenticity of the reviews. allows anyone and everyone to blog their story by simply calling the 1-800-Feedback and having their voice be heard and people can trust that it is real because it is in their REAL voice.  It’s a great system and we hope that it will allow consumers and companies to connect easier, as well as separate the good companies from bad.”

This is great for businesses who want to insure that every one of their customers is taken care of to the utmost.  It’s perfect for businesses looking to advertise through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals as well.  The site allows businesses to sign up as a “sponsored member” which is currently being offered free of charge as the blog gains in popularity.  If unfavorable feedback comes in, sponsored members receive immediate incident resolution and mediation.  If a customer has a problem with a sponsored member, the customer can voice their feedback, the business will be notified, and mediation process will begin in order to find a win-win for both parties.

With word-of-mouth marketing and advertising as old as it is, hopes that this small shift in the way feedbacks and reviews are left will bring big benefits for both the consumers and businesses alike.

Media Contact:  Mark Russell

Telephone: 1-866-Feedback (866-333-3222)
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