Pricing=FREE! is 100% for free for the everyone to use. Any time you want to leave feedback for businesses, physicians, political figures, individuals, or even different subjects that interest you, and simply call 1-800-Feedback and let your voice be heard.  It’s free!

If you are like the owners of this site,  then you are sick of bad companies doing bad things.   That is why we started the site. is a place to keep business accountable and highlight the companies that do the right thing and REALLY take care of people.

Is it free for business too?  YES! It’s FREE for businesses too!1 800 Feedback business

Free for business too!  Yeah yeah,,,,  one day in the way off  future we will charge, but for right now it is ABSOLUTLY 100% FREE OF CHARGE!!!

This allows you, the business owner, to collect word-of-mouth advertising for your company absolutely free!

A participating business communicates that the business is serious about the delivering the highest level of customer service and listening to the needs of their customers.

*** And remember, you’re in control of having negative reviews/feedback up on the site. If you ever receive negative feedback, as a participating member we will always be here to help mediate between you and your client so that you can meet their needs, in order to turn their negative feedback into a positive one.  This allows you to show the world just how serious you are about customer service and taking care of people.

Participating is easy.  To participate and start showing off your clients, simply query your business’s name to the upper right portion of this page.   It will bring you to a results page for that query.  All you have to do is copy that query string and paste it into your website.

Next,  just ask your clients to give you feedback by calling 1-800-Feedback.   It’s that easy!

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