Haven service beats out Verde for this Brookhaven customer…

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verde restaurant in Brookhaven Georgia

Yeah, a little are restaurant in Brookhaven called Verde has terrible service there. I wouldn’t recommend anyone ever go there. I know I will not be going there ever again. That was my first and only time.  The service it was a horrible and the staff was jettisoned really rude.  One of the many things that they did that just kind of blew me away was that the waiter came up and said “hey can I take a seat”  that there are a little 3 year old girl was sitting while we had been waiting for at least 30 minutes. And so, he kind of took it before we can really answer.  I didn’t even know he worked there.  And then after I realized he worked there I was like, WOW,, kind of rude.  But yeah, I just wasn’t impressed there at all.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think I stayed.  I went across the street to Haven and they actually had a impeccable service and great food. So there’s a little  2-for-1 for you. Alright do that do that with you will. Good luck bye.

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