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So this message is for offering subscription to full seasons for TV shows. (I was) really excited. I got excited because I was like ohh great week and watch The Office, Season 6 and I go to to sign up and then I “oh no, you can’t sign up, you have to request an invitation you have to request an invitation”. So maybe I don’t know about their server status. Maybe they haven’t gotten there Cloud server’s all linked up and whatever. But if you can announce it, be ready to take a customer for crying out loud. why do you have to market…. I don’t know. It just seems so google(y) invite(y) Google Voice(y), I don’t know. I mean, I understand creating buzz. I guess maybe I don’t, but the feedback for is guys look, I had money in hand and now I’m kinda irritated at you. Because I was ready to give you my money, me and my wife already watch some office and then big denied and that doesn’t feel very good. I mean if either serve your customers then serve your customers or at least say “Hey available on this date”…. Don’t play games and say, “ohh no you’re gonna have to wait in line for an invitation” that is lame. There you go that some feedback for’s subscription full TV seasons of T. V.

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